Miles for Mothers

Miles for Mothers Remix 2020: Fight the Spread of COVID-19 Globally!

Join Jhpiego, a Johns Hopkins University affiliate, in fighting COVID-19 across the world in this year’s global Miles for Mothers Remix. This virtual event will help keep health care workers on the frontlines of COVID-19 safe while they prevent and contain outbreaks of COVID-19, and help moms and their families living in countries that were already experiencing crises before the COVID-19 pandemic, such as severe shortages of health care workers and lifesaving medical equipment, high maternal mortality rates, unreliable stocks of essential medicines, poor access to health facilities, lack of electricity and civil unrest.

Our goal is to raise $34,000 to help stop the pandemic in its tracks and save lives among the world’s most at-risk populations. Join us by walking, running, donating or fundraising to keep health care workers, moms and their families safe!

Miles for Mothers 2020


Welcome to the Marlborough Team Page! We are a group of high school students that met each other while working on the Jhpiego Changemakers Committee. There, we reviewed Jhpiego’s Changemakers curriculum for high school students. We were deeply moved by everything we learned during our committee meetings and desired to continue to help Jhpiego expand their presence in any way we could. That is why we were so motivated to create a fundraising team for Miles for Mothers. Miles for Mothers is raising money to help keep frontline health care workers, in areas already experiencing crises, safe during COVID-19. This fundraising event is crucial for Jhpiego to continue to implement safe healthcare practices in areas in need. If you are able, please consider donating to this cause. Any amount will have a major impact on the lives of those we are aiming to help. You can either donate a flat amount or a certain amount based on the miles we have walked so far. Either way, please click on the button “Donate Now” to input your donation. 

We have walked: 2 miles! 

For more information about Miles for Mothers & for more ways to get involved please check out: 

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How You Can Help

Support Miles for Mothers Remix by running or walking your distance on your own “course” and at your own pace from October 17-25, 2020. You can register as a runner or walker, or donate directly to support Miles for Mothers Remix! Create your own fundraiser to encourage your friends, family and community to help make a difference.

100% of all gifts will go directly to buying lifesaving supplies and providing education on the use of personal protective equipment to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as:

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